Thursday, May 08, 2014


Well i've had quite a difficult time recently my mum passed away right in the middle of my busiest time of year. It was quite sudden and unexpected so it's taking a while to sink in. I of course took a little time out to reflect and organise but you do have to keep going in the end.

She was a great support to me whether it was helping at shows, packing kits or giving my studio a good clean when i was busy. She loved the work i do and had her own little collection. She taught me to make things from an early age so it's not surprising the path i chose to take!!!

of course i'm still in fuzzy wuzzy world and consequently still making needlcases...very comforting. I've put a few up on Etsy again.

Just to remind whats coming up....
10th Inspired by Klimt w/s Farncombe Estate, Broadway, Glos
15th Talk South Cheshire EG
16th - 18th Exploring Velvet w/s Missenden Abbey
23rd - 24th Bejewelled Bags w/s Cutting Edge Studios, Malvern (via me)

30th Bedazzling Bowls w/s, Roseland Mews, Liskeard Cornwall

18TH Tagbooks Bramble Patch
27th Stitched Landscapes w/s Cutting Edge Malvern (via me)

16th Vanishing Worlds Bramble Patch
28th-1st Aug Oxford Summer School

i've recently been teaching in Poland and the ladies made this super little film!!


Deborah OHare said...

My condolences Angie. I hope the work is giving you some comfort.

Angie H said...

thanks Debbie....yes it is!

Gina said...

Not an easy time Angie but keeping busy helps. Love the little film of you in Poland. That is quite a challenge teaching with an interpreter!

Judys Fabrications said...

New dfollower- just off to read more posts!

Living to work - working to live said...

Keep going!! Tempted by the little tag book day at the Bramble patch but need to check diary! Looks as though there are lots of places so will tweet it for you etc. Hilary xx

Anne B said...

Don't overdo things, Angie - it takes longer than you think to get over such a loss. Lovely photo of you and your mum. Wishing you well ....

Lady of the Greenwood said...

So sad that she's gone Angie. Thinking of you and sending you love. Take care of yourself. You are very precious to all of us. Angela xx