Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Textile Book Club

I'm running some workshops at Missenden Abbey under the title 'Textile Book Club' this one which happened a couple of weeks ago was 'Indian Tagbooks' lovely pieces were made though not finished....yet

I'll always try to work alongside the students if i can and there's time this one above is mine still in progress but i was really pleased with what i did.


Iz said...

These look intriguing - are they all on luggage labels? They're beautiful!

Things Hand Made said...

Delectable as ever. Hope you are well and had a good hols.
Jo Teague

Angie H said...

no Iz, they are just cut to look like luggage labels. They are made from pelmet vilene. I intend to finish my elephant one this week.

Jo had a good hols fancy meeting up with the rest of the crew soon, Sylvia and Pippa are game?