Monday, October 17, 2011

Workshops from the Horses mouth or downloadable...

Angie has been chatting with the folks at Trumpet Corner Tea Rooms and Artist Studios Near Ledbury and they have come to an arrangement where by she can run workshops in one of their studios.

I can only squeeze a few in to begin with here's a list of the dates....

Fri 6th Jan Tweets and Twitters – learn how to make charming little fabric birds from a simple pattern. Perfect for any stitching ability 1 day course fee £45.00

Sat 7th Jan Tantalising Textile Tagbooks – Make lovely little fabric books using paper and card craft techniques but on fabrics. For hand or machine embroiderers. 1 day course fee £45.00

Fri 3rd Feb Inspired by Hundertwasser – Google him! Collage and machine embroidery on cotton velvet using Angie’s unique foiling technique. 1 day course fee £45.00

Sat 4th Feb Bondaweb Birchwood - *new* Learn about painting bondaweb, iridescent paints, foils, collage and machine embroidery. 1 day course fee £45.00

Fri 30th March - Sat 31st March Exploring Velvet – Angie’s personally favourite techniques. Try stencils, spray paints, printing with acrylics, collage and machine embroidery 2 days course fee £85.00

Begin at 10am and finish at 4pm Workshops will be held at Trumpet Corner Trumpet Crossroads Near Ledbury. Herefordshire HR8 2RA to book a place ring 01531 63100 or email

if you can't make it to Ledbury i have now got a small selection of downloadable workshops on my website I'm working hard to get a few more up...they will appear slowly over the next couple of months, then Marcus and i will attempt some video workshops...hmmmm should be interesting.


Tsering said...

Hi I am interested in the downloadable courses how do I do that
Look forward to a reply. From TSering

Angie H said...

tsering, if you hover over the website address in the post it turns into a link that will take you straight there.