Monday, October 24, 2011

More classes with me....

Classes at Bramble Patch, Weedon Northampton

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Transfers Stencils and Stitch

Angie Hughes

Thursday 17th November 2011
An introduction to the wonderful world of transfer printing. I remember my early forays into this subject using simple polyester fabrics twenty years ago nowadays we have lovely fabrics such as Kunin felt and Evolon to play with. You will learn how to make simple stencils and resist from plain paper and the best ways of using disperse dyes to transfer patterns with an iron onto fabrics. Layering colours in this way produces the most delicious misty surfaces for stitch. Ir-resist-ible!!

Tweets and Twitters .....

Angie Hughes

Saturday 26th November 2011
.... and little robin red breast. Textile birdies with a seasonal theme. Learn to construct a 3D bird from a pattern with a bit of hand or machine embroidery for that special festive fizz.

Stitch Cloth Paper and Paint - experimental mixed media

10 Wednesdays Jan18 2012 , 15 Feb, 14 March, 18 April, 16 May, 27 June, 25 July, 19 Sep, 17 Oct, 21 Nov.

On this new one day a month class we will address the mysterious world of mixed media and textiles. Understand and explore different combinations of recycled papers, scrims and calicos, paints and texture pastes...and of course stitch. 

Techniques covered
Collage with fabric and stitch
Paper recycling
Image transfer
Impressing and embossing
Machine and hand embroidery
and much, much more...

This class will be for stitchers with some experience.

Creative Machine Embroidery - Day a Month
Angie Hughes

10 Thursdays – 19th Jan, 16th Feb, 15th Mar, 19th April, 17th May, 28th June, 26th July 20th Sept, 18th Oct, 22nd Nov 2012

This course experiments with free machine embroidery techniques using a variety of threads and techniques. We will begin with the basics learning about your machine and its gadgets, getting the hang of free motion embroidery before then we will start to get experimental. We will aim to create a file or book of samples and reference notes, then work on 2 or 3 finished pieces for exhibition at Bramble Patch later in the year.. Students can be beginners or those who need to be pushed a little with their knowledge and understanding of this exciting and creative subject.

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