Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stirling Summer School

From Bute i travelled up the side of Loch Lomond very busy with tourist buses.

i stopped off at the village of Luss which seemed full of gnomes???

Prior to a workshop at Karelia House i stayed at Kenmore Hotel Scotlands oldest Inn. Scottish visitors...if you haven't visited Karelia House Aberfeldy it's must, lovely cafe and a smashing selection of textile and craft related stuff plus lots of lovely other bits and bobs. Shirley has great plans for the place in the future well worth the trip.

So...on to the main reason i'm in Scotland. The Scottish Embroiderers Guild Summer School at Stirling University. It's a major event in the Guilds annual calender and a frolicsome time was had by all. My first workshop was bedazzling bowls. I had a full class that rose expertly to the challenge. Sally (pic above) forgot to bring her sewing machine but knuckled down to hand stitching her bowl with gusto.

This machine belonging to Anne took it upon itself to take off alone and started smoking, didn't quite burst in to flames but it was a close thing. The amazing Mr P from Pembertons of Stirling had it fixed and back in action within the amazing feat!!

Below are the smashing finished pieces by my students!

next post 'Text in Textiles'.....


"ethel" said...

Although I've loved your work for a number of years now, it's only today that I've started reading your blog. What have I been doing?!
The bowls are gorgeous. Just the kind of juicy textile project I need to get my long-absent mojo back.
Hoping that the Birthday Fairy brings me your book on Friday to give me even more motivation.
Looking forward to the next post :o)

Hilary said...

Ethel - I don't know where you are (or indeed if you have even met Angie) but treat yourself to one of her classes. She's one of the people who got me going!


Susan said...

Great blog (how do you find the time & energy?!) and great shots of our bowls! We had a really good time & all the other tutors & students were seriously impressed by what we had produced - thanx Angie.