Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Things, New Things!

I've been living in my new pad for 5 months now and maybe it's due to the fact that i've been travelling around so much but i haven't settled in properly. I have many still unpacked boxes pushed into corners most of my pictures and bits and bobs still wrapped in bubbles. Crucially i haven't actually made anything of note in the art department. While i was on my travels in Scotland i tried to analyse the problem. I began to realise what i needed was a workspace, a bench, an area to lay out and stand back..... I was missing my old studio tables, i did try to squeeze them in to my minutant studio but it just wouldn't work....heck what to do. Using my hard earned interior design qualifications i got the tape measure out, hopped into the car and went to Ikea (by the way never visit Ikea on Sunday utter madness!)

I know it don't look much but it's fits perfectly into my bijou workspace, it's light as a feather too so i can move it around for the light when i'm doing my photo workshops.

I got a bunch of new stencils from Crafty Notions to help with A Study of Spanish Colour in Stitch and Collage at Castanea

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