Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Isle of Bute

Here my Scottish oddessy begins, i was working for a group of stitch fans teaching them the 'Exploring Velvet' workshop. I stayed with Alison in Rothesay for the first couple of days. This was the view from my bedroom window.

St Ninian's Bay, this is where i was teaching my class.

My version of a Scottish thistle, much to local disgust. We were so busy i didn't get time to take shots of the students work. They all did amazing work and the special lunches were memorable!!!

I had a couple of days off to explore the island, i couldn't miss the Bute highland games. This is the magnificent Bruce Robb *sigh*.

Back to St Ninian's to stay with Yennie and David.

Had a visit to Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart gardens were lovely.

Yennie's dog Buster, she was like a little ghost popping up every now and then to gaze at me spookily.

David was very proud of his onions.

Next stop Kenmore........

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Michelle said...

Lovely work, beautiful photographs. Easy to see why your students are inspired when surrounded by all this.