Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New Toy

I have a new toy a Janome Embellisher. I'm having fun combining the felting technique with my velvet stuff.

this is just the felted stage, on black velvet i've used acrylic felt, silk fabric and tops punched from both sides.

machine embroidery stage.

i've avoided embellishers because there's only so much info you can absorb and store in the grey cells. I though it might blow my mind. But.. it seems that you can learn by small degrees, i would like to use this somehow in my 'Bird Garden' series.


Ann Somerset Miles said...

Ah Ha! What new directions will this take you in, Angie? I'll keep watch for emb.guild classes.

Heather said...

This looks very interesting. I am getting to know my embellisher too and it's astounding how different each person's work looks even though we've all used the same technique.

WendyK said...

This looks fabulous Angie, I must get mine into action again. I'm very good at breaking the needles, let me know if you want yours breaking as well.