Friday, June 17, 2011

Paper Clay

I found the pieces i made with my Bramble Patch wednesday group. I have an exhibition coming up in August and i'm preparing all sorts of different pieces, some books, some mixed media and some stitched velvets. These are pieces of paper clay ('Das' in the UK) I have impressed this rolling rubber stamp into the clay (due to years of abuse by students the stamp has all manner of colour on the surface which transfered to the damp clay, nice in't it)

Don't know the next step but it will come.


Lady of the Greenwood said...

That's the way I love to work, every step a surprise. I know that I'm supposed to pre-design everything but letting the work develop and reveal itself it so exciting.

Miek said...

I became a follower, like your work!!
Paperclay is fantastic, i love too.