Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ireland and Working Alfresco

Irish visitors....I've had an enquiry from an Irish Quilt Group to go over for a lecture/workshop next year not sure of the dates yet, if you know of any other textile groups that might be interested i could do a little workshop tour??

Ok so i'll confess i've been quite grumpy of late in fact downright miserable, i put it down to the inclement weather we've had here in the UK over the past month. Like my Dad i think i suffer a little bit from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) my symptoms usually manifest themselves in long bouts of sleep and lack of concentration/enthusiasm. When i become aware of it i usually go to my local gym and take a couple of sessions in the sun shower but this is expensive and i'm on an economy drive at the moment. So.. yesterday we had a sunny day and i decided to take my stuff and work outside on the sun terrace. I was preparing for a workshop today at Bramble Patch with my day a month group, looking at mixed media techniques using paper clay and wax dipping. The samples are still in the car i'll put some pics up tomorrow but i must say working outside for a few hours has certainly lifted my spirits. I thoroughly recommend a bit of alfresco art every now and then....

bye for now.


Lady of the Greenwood said...

I work outside too Angie whenever I'm doing anything particularly messy or fumy ( not sure if that is a word but you know what I mean). I have an old 7ft long pine table which is just the right height. I cover it with a thick plastic sheet and I can make as much mess as I like. The only problems that I have found are the wind and bugs getting stuck in gesso/ wet paint. The benefits are 1) the light and 2) it makes you feel great and it seems as if you are incorporating nature into your work as you are directly inspired by it.

Anne B said...

Dunno about SAD - I'm just affected!