Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hidden Treasure and scratch journal making

Ever felt as if you're walking around in the darkness but really you just forgot to switch on the light.

i've been thinking for the past week or so 'i must buy a diary so that i can keep a garden journal' i want to make note on successes and disasters eg. do not put seedlings under glass in direct sunlight and fry them to death etc etc....

Well... this morning little Gem my Hidden Treasure (every confused and disorganised artist needs one... oh ..and actually she not that little i think she's taller than me) came round, sorted and tidied my store room see below

i can walk about inside and find things it's a miracle!! Anyway, i found a box of paper i've been saving for arty journals workshops and at last 'ping' the light came on..... make me own journal!

I've put a selection of different papers together in bundles (registers in bookbinding terms) graph, brown, layout, photocopy papers, chopped up envelopes and ripped out pages from the altered books i've been doing lately, letters from the bank manager,,you know the sort of thing.  

Then using a stilleto i've poked holes along the folds ready for stitching.

sorry i can't describe the stitching very clearly it takes a while to learn book binding techniques and this really is the scratch version.

glueing the whole thing together and waiting for it to dry. I'll make a cover and finish the thing in the morning...i've got a few seed packets and photo's to go in already.

also uncovered more treasure in the cupboard  2 boxes of Ferrero Rocher, lord knows how long they've been there!! 


Kim Thittichai said...

2 boxes of Ferrero Rocher . . . mmmmm!!!!! I'll be round soon, Kim x x x

Man for all seasons said...

As we can safely assume the FR boxes will soon be empty, I would suggest keeping them to store reels of thread if they are the kind with clear plastic covers - I've never found anything better!

valeriemclean123 said...

Your creative bookmaking workshop was soooo enjoyable. When are you going to run another one ? Valerie

valeriemclean123 said...

Your creative bookmaking workshop was soooo enjoyable. When are yo going to offer another one in Ledbury? Valerie

Living to work - working to live said...

I'm with MFAS - but I use mine to store sweetie wrappers! Ferro Rocher is good but currently a real fan of Lidl own brand and Green and Black (the chocolate and the packaging!) Hilary