Monday, June 20, 2011

Hampton Court

Hello hello, i've been out for the day with mum and dad at Hampton Court nr Leominster having a look around the garden. The weather was perfect for a garden visit.

love these structures made from Hazel.

not sure but this glass piece could be by my friend Tamsin Abbot look like her stuff.

mum sat down for a moment and this little cat sat or her lap.

Mum thinks this isn't quite the Taj Mahal

Dad behind a leaf

Dad's favourite day out.


fabriquefantastique said...

wonderful images

Angie H said...

i'm writing an article for 'Stitch' mag i need a few garden images. Today is all miserable weather and i was going out again today. Better stay in and sew.

Linda said...

What a great place! Love your close up shots and could really fancy some clotted cream right right now!

Angie H said...

Ha Ha Linda it was lovely. I only have a simple digital but it seems to take good shots.

Ann Somerset Miles said...

Absolutely beautiful - the photos and the garden. Often drive past it; must find time to stop and visit it. Hope you are well. (I've just launched a new book blog ( and would like to interview you and include your book at some point - please e-mail me if this might be of interest: