Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moon Bow

Exhibitions fast approaching and i still can't find anything in my new pad. I'm working on a piece for the Poetry Festival Exhibition at the Weavers Gallery in Ledbury. We are asked to make work inspired by the poetry of Dymock Poets. They were They were Robert Frost, Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, and John Drinkwater.

Amanda who organises the show annually has called the show 'Moon Rainbow'. taken from the poem I've pasted below. I confess to revisiting old techniques really just to get going but I'm enjoying making again.

Iris by Night

Robert Frost

One misty evening, one another's guide,

We two were groping down a Malvern side

The last wet fields and dripping hedges home.

There came a moment of confusing lights

Such as according to the tale at Rome

Were always seen at Memphis on the heights

Before the fragments of a former sun

Could concentrate anew and rise as one.

Light was a paste of pigment in our eyes.

And then there was a moon, and then a scene

So watery as: to seem submarine;

In which we two stood saturated, drowned.

The clover-mingled rowan on the ground

Had taken all the water it could as dew,

And still the air was saturated too,

And unrelieved of any water-weight.

Then a small rainbow like a trellis gate,

A very small moon-made prismatic bow,

Stood closely over us through which to go.

And then we were vouchsafed the miracle

That never yet to other two befell

And I alone of us have lived to tell.

A wonder! Bow and rainbow as it bent,

Instead of moving with us as we went

(To keep the pots of gold from being found),

It lifted from its dewy pediment

Its two mote-swimming many-colored ends

And gathered them together in a ring;

And we stood in it, softly circled round

From all division time or foe can bring,

In a relation of elected friends.

My piece is made from calico with bonded tissue paper for texture. It is going to have a flavour of 'My Blue Place', a piece featured in my book.

corded whip stitch in the vermicelli style. All this intensive stitching made the whole thing shrink and i had to cut the moon shape out and re-insert it. I've covered the join with some cable stitch (heavy thread in the bobbin working from the back).

got it nice a flat now. Stretched over a canvas and painted with gesso primer. watching paint dry.....

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Judy Whaites said...

I love the texture of this piece, beautiful.