Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gardening by Mistake!

As part of my new estate i have a little garden tho' i'm not famous for my gardening skills but i'm very lucky to have a friend who works in a garden centre. I have aquired some lovely bashed up delphiniums and a wonderful cut price hosepipe. I'm trying to do it up on the cheap especially as i'm renting. I want to have it looking sort of ok for next september as i'd like to open up for H.Art week. It feels quite dry and stoney at the mo, if anyone has any tips on gardening on the cheap or useful links i'd be most greatful i'm entirely in the dark on this one.

i'll be posting progress as the year goes by

my little sun terrace steps.

this is a little dunnock pick fluffs out of the broom for making nests.


Wendy Rhodes said...

Hi Angie,
Try garden fetes and village fairs for plants, I've acquired several extra plants that happened to be in the area of the ground when the original gardener dug up or divided the plant for the fair. You don't always know what you're getting but they could be lovely!
Good luck Wendy

Angie H said...

great tip Wendy, my mum's been separating stuff and giving me the leftovers they seem to take ages to recover though. Although i have very poor soil so that could be it.

Penny said...

H Angie, throw around some blod and bone, or some of the water soluable stuff, A few punnets of hardy annuals or some vegetables would look good.
Cant reccomend plants as Oz is a different climate.

Angie H said...

thanks Penny the plants in Oz are lovely one of my students brought me a bunch from her garden x

Man for all seasons said...

A surprisingly cheap source of useful plants is the supermarket - thos pots of growing herbs are often under a quid, and the perennial ones like thyme and mint will go on for ages. Even ordinary basil will grow into a big bush for the summer if it's watered well.

Angie H said...

yay MFAS, thats a great idea, i've bought some little propogators from our local pound shop (we call it wellies it took over woolies) for a pound each, i've grown basil, lavender, coriander and parsley so far and i just bought some cress for me egg sandwiches in a couple of week time.

Living to work - working to live said...

Angie - there are some inspirational garden blogs out there. This one might inspire (lovely photos!) and what you can do with a small space and a bit of upcycling!