Monday, May 30, 2011

Altered Books Round Robin 5 & 6

i've been working on 2 more books for the round robin we had a meeting this evening to exchange our books. We are going to exhibit them as part of H.Art week at Hereford Library in the community cases. So if you visit the open exhibition you'll be able to see the books too.

This one is part of Julia's book on childrens tales. it was very fragile and we have to do sections. She will bind it all up later.

This is Molly's book of Insects. I was lucky because i got the pages with moths. The text is from "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver

........'This is how moths speak to each other. They tell their love across the fields by
scent. There is no mouth, the wrong words are impossible, either a mate is
there or he's not, and if so the pair will find each other in the dark"

next one Byrons poetry.

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