Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daisy Bookwraps at Bramble Patch

I had a little tour of Northants and North Herts the week before last (i'm catching up on old news as i've been off line and without a landline for over a week, peculiar feeling like loosing a limb) I was teaching at Bramble Patch Weedon to begin with 'Daisy Bookwraps'


A few action shots...the students tolerantly suffered being guinea pigs for the day, i've never done this process in one day before, prefering to let everything dry overnight before painting the next layer. Hairdryers were employed to speed up proceedings.

the girls did a fantastic job and nearly finished one or two actually did finish (this is mine above)

that was a great day i had some lovely students Bramble Patch is a great place to work. Next month at Bramble... Bedazzling Bowls 12th May and Inspired by Klimt 26th May this one's full but people sometimes drop out so it's worth getting on the waiting list.

So now off to Katie's at Cosgrove.......

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Heather said...

Love this bookwrap. Lovely workshop to attend.