Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bletchley Park and Altered Books

Had a day to occupy myself over east so i visited Bletchley Park.

This is a copy of the machine that cracked the Enigma code..... hmmm how interesting.

Now this is more like it... Pidgeon Parachutes!!! They were our secret weapon during the war.

special little rucksacks (ok ankle sacks) full of secrets...

right.... enough of that frivolity back to work. I did a lecture on friday evening to the North Herts Embroiderers Guild, they really know how to do a social .....fantastic food. Next day i was employed to teach the amazing art of Altered Books here are the results.

This one is my sampler

I think this one was made by local celebrity Gina Ferrari sorry if it isn't Gina i should really make notes

As you can see the students really got going a flew with it. The problem i find with Altered books workshops is that students have a problem cutting or painting pages of a BOOK but really you're just giving it a new lease of life.....

now.. back home i've got a whole house to move.


Gina said...

That made me laugh (local celeb???)... not my book in the photo, which seems to have escaped your camera but I will get around to blogging about our brilliant day soon... done loads more on my book! Pleased your move went well.

Angie H said...

oh lordy Gina, i thought none of them looked like yours. Really sorry. All well here x

Heather said...

Your workshop sounds just like my cup of tea Angie (lucky students) and your sample book is full of gorgeous pages. Hope you are more or less settled into your new home - moving house is so exhausting. Bletchley Park looks interesting.