Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mini Tour of Kent

This week i've been working in Kent, i did a sort of mini tour working with two groups. One in Hernhill and the other in Bridge both villages not far from Canterbury.

So i had to visit Canterbury a place i've never been. What a busy historic town. i went to the Cathedral first, the town is full of little streets like this one leading to the gatehouse.

They have removed the chairs inside to give a sense of what the place would have been like when it was first built. Quite terrifying to a simple farmer i would imagine. 

Well that was lots of fun but down to work. i was teaching 'Text in Textiles' for the Altered Textile group. They were a very confident crowd and got stuck in with enthusiasm. Here are a few examples of their prints. You may notice that theres not much text here and thats because they really enjoyed using the formafoam blocks and text rather went out the window!

A forma foam block impressed into metal type, i liked the grungyness of the surface with paint still on it.

I was staying with Jo in Whitstable by the sea, this a lovely windmill i spotted from my bedroom window.


Next day off to Bridge to stay with Loo Round i love the Kentish architecture so i had to take a few shots on the road. A working hop farm.....

Patrixbourne Church

Converted Oast House

lovely roofs

Textural Bookwraps in Loo's cosy studio

My little sampler

Annie's finished wrap

Loo's nearly finished wrap

Can't wait for my next visit, we're going to take a trip to Dungeness to see Derek Jarman's garden.


Jensters said...

I love Kent too my Hubby comes for their and since researching my family tree my family also comes from Kent....Canterbury is wonderful so much to see.....Love the work, what are wraps?

Angie H said...

you're right it's not quite clear that they are bookwraps, we made them to wrap sketchbooks.