Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teme Valley Embroiders Guild

Back to work proper...
i visited Teme Valley EG, Tenbury Wells last saturday to run a 'Text in Textiles' workshop. It is a large guild with enthusiastic members. i'm always slightly nervous going to teme valley because natural disasters generally occour (floods, ice and snow). i managed to arrive unimpeded (the wind was getting up though....) The way the comitee arrange the day is at one end of the village hall the workshop happens and the other end members not on the workshop bring their own projects for a sociable day. i can be a bit noisy but i works really well theres a fantastic sense of creativity and buzz. 
after getting my students going i had a bit of a wander about and came across Angela doing a bit of macrame. It was a lovely surprise to see quite an old craft technique being brought to life again.We had a bit of a giggle about the old jute macrame plant pot hangers but you know i think one would look really good here in the garret. With a spider plant in of course.

i didn't get this lady's name but she was doing some fine crochet flowers to go on a wooly hat for her grand daughter. They were lovely but what was most interesting to me was the book that she was using for the pattern, it was late 60' early 70's lovely crochet bedspreads in the colours of the day...brilliant i love these old books. My fave book is a little one i got from Hay-on-Wye on Batik circ 1965. it has the best directions ever i've seen in a craft book. We have to be all artistic these days when writing craft books.

This was the table cloth Mary my host presented my lunch on!

these are my hard working workshoppers

my materials for the day

below some of their lovely prints


fabriquefantastique said...

looks like a fun day....

Jensters said...

What a creative day...i love all those letters!.