Monday, November 29, 2010

Trying to work and stay warm

My studio and garret being a brick built shed (basically) it bloody perishing at the moment. Last years cold snap cost me so much in electricity bills i've only just finished paying. in an effort to reduce heating costs i'm camping out in one room, i brought the old wooden trestle in from outside complete with pegs frozen to the surface!!!!

it's getting cosy in here now and i've managed to remove a few layers so i can move my arms. i've got all the essentials around me, the main problem will be when to stop working!!!

i'm writing a project for a nameless American magazine who just told me that they can't fit it in....grrrrr i've spent quite a lot of time on this, 'sigh' oh well, i'll try and sell it to someone else. this is the end product, it's called 'into the woods' sewing kit.

i've been mostly listening to Kate, this seems appropriate at the mo.


Wild Somerset Child said...

Artists in a garrett - or musicians or writers (I think of Puccini's La Boheme and the girl died of consumption whilst singing the most amazing aria! - 'My tiny hand is frozen' etc etc)

It's b****y freezing here too; I'm wearing five layers and a hat, and I keep moving my work stuff around. We've no heating at all save a log fire heated be the apple tree we cut down ; it was dead. We work until we drop, if it's needed, or until the electric blanket is more enticing than whatever we are working upon. (Magazine editors can be a pain .... hope none of mine read this)

Sharon ML Schutt said...

Your project looks lovely. Sorry I'll miss it here in the USA. I'm in a room over the garage. I keep it warmer than the rest of the house as most of the family are out during the day. Hope you stay warm this winter!

Angie H said...

thanks for the messages girls, me roofs leaking now. i know everyone is suffering to one degree or another, when i'm rich and famous i'll live in Spain and pop back every now and then to do the odd workshop ha ha!!!

Lady of the Greenwood said...

Thank God for hot water bottles, umbrellas (for roof leaks) and thermal vests. I have been out foraging in the Greenwood (Waitrose)and I am about to make a giant game stew (with a minute pack of diced game, with any luck it will last me a week. Hope that you can get that roof fixed soon and keep warm.x

Angie H said...

dunno about 'tiny hand is frozen' me feet are blocks of ice.

yes bought a big chicken today and some suet and veg that should keep me alive for a bit.