Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exploring velvet workshop

had lots of fun in the studio today with Judy, Liz and Helen making velvet landscapes with a bit of a seasonal feel.

Liz's sun honeyed pieces

Helen's has an Autumnal feel

Judy in action

I can't get these bloomin things in order, Helen's again

Liz's snowflake piece, oh no i think it's mine

mine i think

Judy wanted the four seasons

Liz's with printed patterns

mine ready for stitch in the morning

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Wild Somerset Child said...

Wish I'd been there - and I meant to ask you at the Broughton talk, where do you buy your white velvet, please? I think I'll start with white as I have a lot of dyes, which will fit my theme of 'winter trees'. I'm going to make medieval tiles using hand-carved stamps and the techniques you give in your book - I didn't buy one the other night because I had a copy already. I call the surface 'faux suede' ad think it's fabulous.

Oh, and thanks Angie for following my (other) blog. Hope you continue to enjoy it.