Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exploring velvet day 2

 Well .....what a great 2 days in the studio, the girls really got stuck into the decoration and collage of their velvet surfaces today. They didn't do a lot of stitch as they wanted to sit at home and stitch, here are the results.

Judy managed to get the machine out, here she is stitching from the back to make skeletal snowflakes on the surface.

Liz decorated her piece from yesterday with silk tree trunks sweetie foil and sequins

Helen dynamic orange piece really sings now.

Pink silk trunks on Helen's piece with silver foil stars.

Helen's vortex, not sure what'll happen next.

i did do lots of stitch with only 3 students i had time.

detail of my piece

my finished piece called 'Winter came too early'

getting ready for tomorrow i'm going to attempt a Christmas animation wallace and gromit this space!!!!


Wild Somerset Child said...

Angie, these are just amazing. Let me know when you are doing another of these workshops, for I am hooked!

J. tunde said...

Angie, you have very beautiful artwork. When I saw them, I decided to try to begin tor do these kind of pictures.
Although I am only a beginner, I like painting and sewing as well.
If you don't mind, I'd like to show your my first piece.

Regards: J. Tunde