Monday, November 22, 2010

Created Birds and Creative Bird

 My mate Jo Teague will be exhibiting at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate this weekend. Jo and i studied our HNC Stitched Textiles at Gloscat together, this is what she say's about her work......

''''I love making things.  All sorts of things.

This desire to create things continues to grow stronger. While I have been at home raising my children full time I have been making things for them, for our home. During this time I have taken the opportunity to develop my skills and ideas through personal practice. I have always embroidered and over the last couple of years my work has developed into small pieces using hand stitching. I use fragments of recycled cloth, pieced together and embroidered over with words and phases. Words and phrases that I want to absorb into my life. The phrases range from medieval love letters through to modern poetry and quotes. This hand stitching gives the words a tangible texture and leads to re-consideration of their meaning. The work reflects my love of historical textiles and by producing my work by hand I want to give it a quiet but strong presence that hopefully evokes treasured textiles and a sense of fragile history.

I am continuing a family tradition of embroidery and I am a passionate advocate of all things handmade.'''''

She is a very direct and practical person and i love this about her. you can see more of her work at and she has a lovely blog here's a few pictures of her work.

I've made a little bull finch bird this week, he's very handsome though proud but has a big heart

he has a lady friend who flew in from Oz (made by Annette Packett) she's a bit grumpy cos she can't quite get over jet lag.

and finally ......Mrs Heath Robinson has been attempting to make an Animated Greetings card. i love doin this kind of thing, i get quite absorbed. i don't think Nick Park needs to worry though!

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Wild Somerset Child said...

I can see birds flying to Broughton next ... lovely.