Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Altered Book Round Robin

 I've joined a local Altered Books Round Robin Group, all the members are artists of some sort, should be good. This is my book it going to be called 'Birds Eye View'. I've cut it into a house shape to begin with.

i got some crackle glaze i'm experimenting with, i needed to seal the surface with pva, the one on the left has the glaze pinging off. (yes i am a bit self obsessed at the moment, i've still got the Ledbury Lurgy)

I've cut an aperture in the first few pages of the book so that i can peep out of a window in the cover.

here i am peeping out

i made some little steps for ducks to get in (if they want to)

i've inserted a big tag for the artists to add their names to eventually

off to Nick Alexander (poet) to do his bit

don't hold your breath this is a monthly thing the whole project finishes in September 2011.


Wild Somerset Child said...

Angie, it was WONDERFUL to hear your talk this evening and touch and feel all the work you passed around us all.

And was what you show in this post the round robin altered book the same as the one on the table tonight (well pages from it) that you didn't talk about? It was as mesmerising as all your other pieces, and I can't wait to buy some cotton velvet and discover a source of self-adhesive vilene. Hope you had a safe journey home.

Angie H said...

Nice to see you again Ann, now the book i had on the table was called Birdhouse, but i didn't mention it as it's completely different to everything else i do. it was great to come to Boughton and see so many friendly people, rachel's going to organise a workshop.