Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fibre Arts Australia @ Geelong

I've been away for a while working in Australia and New Zealand. It was a great experience though i didn't see much of the two countries it was much more about the lovely people i met. The first thing that i saw when i arrived was loads of 'bloody old maggie's (Australian parlance) who don't caw like ours but whootle in a kind of haunting way.

we were teaching in Geelong Grammar and stayed in the boys dorms, this was a notice on the wall in my room.....a bit of a worry!!

here are some of my fellow tutors

fellow tutor Michelle Eastwood from Perth she came along with me to New Zealand. A great tutor and super company.

Feltmaking tutor Sachiko Kotaka from Australia, a real character.

Paper Engineer Carol Barton, she was teaching pop up book making, she has a fantastic sense of humour that filters out into her work.

Polly Jacobs Giacchina, fantastic fibre sculptor and all round good egg.

Lovely Bob Adams from the States, he was constantly surrounded by adoring ladies, he seemed quite nervous about it to begin with but soon got used to it.

Jen Crossley Aussie .......what can i say ....nuts!!!!

Helen Banzhaf lovely fellow Brit.

those textile fans go a bit mad when they get together.

a lovely bunch of Australian flowers. More to come.


Anonymous said...

Hello baby, Welcome back - so glad you had a good time. I love those 'maggies' aren't their markings fantastic. Kim

Ro Bruhn said...

Now I discover your work after you've left our shores. I've settled for second best and ordered your dvd anyway. Jen is quite a character as I'm sure you discovered. Our magpies can be entertaining too. Love your work.

Jen Crossley said...

Nuts you say I say "ANGIE, ANgie"
miss you girl hope you had a great time in New Zealand.

Angie H said...

ha ha, hope you and the family are well...really missing everyone, still want to go to sleep at funny times xxx