Thursday, September 09, 2010

Inspired Velvet DVD

Check out Colouricious to buy my new Inspired Velvet DVD full of useful ideas for colouring, printing and stitching velvet. I really had fun making it and the production team were brilliant .....hope you enjoy it

heres a little preview


Penny said...

I will have toget the video. I was organised for your class at Geelong but a lot of things conspired against it, I had hoped to at least get over for the Saturday to see the bazaar and students work but I just cant make it. (an 8 to 9 hour drive there and back!) I was so terribly disappointed as I would have loved to have been actually there to see how it is all done.
I know you will have a wonderful time in Australia, wish there was some way of getting you our way, perhaps next time!

christina said...

It's lovely. I want this for my birthdaylist

Angie H said...

Penny, sorry you can't make it to Geelong, it's hard to imagine such a long drive here on this little isle. i'm coming next year about this time and doing a little tour.

Anonymous said...

Plumbago said

I have just purchased Inspired
Velvet DVD from Colouricious and got totally blown away with it can't wwait now to have a go.....enjoyed your book too.Ambition to come on a Ledbury workshop

Trudis Felt said...

Can't wait till I received your dvd!
I'm sure it will inspire me a lot.
Thanks, Trudis