Friday, August 06, 2010

More at Missenden

 Last day of Summer School at Pipers Corner, it's been a great week with a group of great women. The collective knowledge and experience of such a group could end wars, solve the worlds economic difficulties..cure all ills. All they want to do though is mess about with paint, fabric and stitch....brilliant! 
Sylvia and Judith puzzle over colour theory...

Michelle was determined to develop her machine embroidery she really did too.. this is a lovely foiled bag she made.

bit of bleaching out.....using fantastic stencils from Crafty Notions

My demo piece including painted bondaweb and sweetie foils

a bit more of Michelle's bag..will try to get a pic of the finished article today.

me of course.... doing something interesting with a sponge?

this is a piece i worked on as a demo it turned out quite nice.


Diane Kelsey said...

A whole week playing about and learning lots of different techniques from you sounds like heaven. I really must have a go at the kit I brought from you.

Feltmaker said...

It looks great! I recognised Judith (ex classmate) from the thumbnail picture!

Will you be doing this course again?

Angie H said...

yes doin this one again next year i hope!

WendyK said...

Will look out for this next year, looks brilliant, and right up my street.