Sunday, July 04, 2010

Velvet workshop at Ledbury Artplace

Ledbury is buzzin' with poets as the Annual Ledbury Poetry Festival kicked off yesterday. The excitement rubbed of on my weekend students here in the studio. We've being doing exploring velvet, here are the photo's to prove it!

Emily's unstitched collage

Liz's unstitched college, it's pink wonder why!

Emily working hard on her velvet piece

serious machine embroidery goin on

Catherine's eyesight going after hours at the machine

knobbling techinque

Gaynor's piece nearly finished, they all worked very hard but didn't quite finish, there are so many techniques involved in this workshop now, i feel a book coming on!!!


Jensters said...

Wow they look fab....great colours too.

Penny said...

Yes please Angie, another book. I am so disapointed I cannot join you in Geelong, I had got into your class but we are having a prolonged drought and the money just isnt there.
I do have some thoughts of visiting grand children in Melbourne while you are at Geelong but nothing definite.I could possibly come down to look on the Saturday, we will see how things pan out.

Angie H said...

penny it would be lovely to see you i'm sorry you're having a hard time can't wait to get there now x

Wild Somerset Child said...

A book would be wonderful; I still refer so often to your other one. I must get to one of your workshop sin Ledbury one day for I loved the one you did at our Embroiderers' Guild (Bloxham). Hope you are well and flourishing.

fabriquefantastique said...

I love the look of your idea of heaven

corsadriver49 said...

Thanks Angie, this was such a fantastic w/e! Still working on my two pieces and enjoying every minute, Sue