Thursday, May 06, 2010

transfer Printing

i've been working on transfer printing on kunin felt with my machine embroidery group at Bramble patch combined with soluble fabric techniques to make textured surfaces inspired by nature, lichen, moss, bark, leaves etc.

i prepared for the workshop by painting papers with dysperse dyes from Kemtex just mixed with water very unscientifically not measuring or anything.
the students threw themselves into the project as always with enthusiasm and made some lovely prints on the kunin felt. we cut stencils and ironed the transfer paints off, moving the stencils around over the surface to achieve a misty moody kind of effect.

we also foiled and melted polyester for a bit of texture and started playing about with composition.

these are my experiments below i do love the misty effects you can get by layering the prints

this is a finished stitched piece i did for a workshop sample with leaves and cords made from soluble fabric.

i just got hold of laura marling's album i speak because i can. this is rambling man sounds a bit like bob dylan.

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Jensters said...

Stunning work going on here.