Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Volcano's and northern Ireland

Well i think everyone has a volcano story by now and i'm no exception. i was booked to go to do a workshop for the northern ireland embroidery guild, flights all booked then a flippin volcano goes off. Quickly having to adjust my travel plans i ended up leaving for the Birkenhead ferry to Belfast at 5.30am (not my best time of day) having to sleepily learn how to use a sat nav Adrian had lent me (battery konked out just outide Birkenhead panic ensued) it has to be said i'm not the best of sailors but luckily for me the waters were calm.

Anyway after all the stress and panic i did have a fab weekend with the ladies of northern ireland at a place called Drumalis at Larne great food good company and a little bit of a tipsy sing song saturday night.

Heres the Liver building on the way out, i saw a tiny and sickly looking dolphin struggling it's way through the murky waters of the Mersey.

We were workshopping foiled velvet and machine embroidery here are the students results. great weekend

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