Thursday, February 18, 2010

my soul is fed with needle and thread

ever feel hungry to make something? i feel like i'm going mad with paperwork accounts and mortgages. will it ever get easier? probably not.

Ive got various things to report on, i'm teaching experimental machine embroidery once a month at The Bramble Patch, Weedon and everyone is doing so well as they are all a little nervous. Last sesh we were experimenting with line and twin needles, with lovely results.

oops i lost the bit of paper i wrote everyones names on sorry girls!

Last weekend i was working privately with a group of ladies in Lancashire on design developement and personal study. We were painting printing and discharging cartridge paper then ripping up to create ramdom design possibilities. i have quite a lot of samples of these abstract 'drawings' so i've bundled them up to make a book, not sure how to proceed with them yet.
of course all this experimenting only made me feel more fraustrated that i have made anything for a while so i revisited an old friend. This is a big version of 'Higher Than Birds'. i made some smaller pieces for H.Art last year see Aprils blog i want to see if i can paint this velvet surface and impress with rubber stamps.

i've used some lovely stencils here available from Crafty Notions large and small size 'Cosmic Swirl', i love the flowery ones as well but everything in moderation!

plenty to do then!!

this is a vid of the stunning T-Bone Burnett who i saw last year, he is about 10 feet tall and utterly mesmorising.

oh and you won't believe's snowing


dianehobbit said...

I am a great fan of your work. Really love the swirly stamps, just what I have been looking for.

Wild Somerset Child said...

Oh Angie, you always inspire me so ... you are my muse and catalyst to make something wonderful - which materialise as scribbles in my notebook, fabric and thread and paint and your very special method of what I call 'faux suede'. Take care - hope to meet you again one day.

ferinn said...

I love your experimental pages.I always seem to have trouble when trying to use discharge,do you use Quink and bleach?

ferinn said...

I love your experimental pages.What ink do you use?I always seem to have trouble when trying to use bleach.

Angie H said...

yes i use quink ink and domestos