Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Experimental Machine Embroidery

I'm just putting these images up for my Experimental ME group at Bramble Patch, they are (supposed) to be working hard (hope you are girls!!) on samples which may end up as a cushion cover a bit like this one. I enjoyed sticking to one colour i was really looking at texture and trying to create it with stitch.

Loads of techniques on here including quilting, soluble fabrics, whip stitches, cable stitch, twin needles and cording.


Anne B said...

Sumptuous. I think working with a limited colour palette or any other restriction can really stimulate ideas. I love this cushion.

Wild Somerset Child said...

WOW - And I too love to work in neutral fabrics, with just a touch of sea-blue or sepia, depending on the subject. I always seem to come back to calico or linen as the basis for my fabric books.

catherine said...

Angie, your stitching is exquisite!