Thursday, January 21, 2010

Needlecases and vocal chords

Well... getting rid of the snow has had an effect on production here at Ledbury Artplace. You know i said i was making the pockets for a German mag, well i made a cock up. It should have been a small project so i had to re-think things. Below is a needlecase i made a few months ago using the Textural Bookwraps technique, woven background etc. i began thinking there might be a bit more milage in this and after a really great indian blockprinting workshop on tuesday i started a new project....

Below is a finished needlecase using indian blockprinting with a difference techniques, prints are made using forma foam.

i lost my voice last night after i'd planned to exit my comfort zone and sing at an open mic in worcester, no amount of gargling will bring a voice back before it's ready. i'm teaching in Nottingham tomorrow hope it returns by then!

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