Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hundertwasser continued.....

i've been getting along nicely with this piece, adding organza to the surface, i always do this to prevent the stitches from sinking into the velvet surface.
I usually stitch around all significant areas with an inconspicuous thread just to hold everything in place. it also confirms the design in my head, like tracing the pattern again.

I used the cording foot to couch down these lovely threads i got from Steph Francis it must have been years ago. While i'm doin this i'm listening to Matilda by Roald Dahl on the radio. What a great story i' never read any RD when i was a child i was an Enid Blyton kid.

These pictures have got a bit mixed up but here i'm free machining the 'apples' in then letting the float off into the 'forest' i love machine noodling like this.

This is the cording foot in action.

Finished article
So now what.....
year planner and mind mapping to try and thin out all the thoughts crammed into my brain, i need a pensieve like professor dumbledore.
Happy New Year x


Pattie said...

You really inspire me ! this is a beautiful piece,I never thought after painting watercolours all my life that i would be into fabric art,.....all your fault ,I am so enjoying it ! thankyou.

Angie H said...

Hey thanks Pattie, i really enjoyed doing this one, i'm glad you're inspired and it's good to have feedback, happy stitching x

2smart said...

This is so beautiful, the colours and the textures shine out. I am still happier with hand stitching but your work almost tempts me to try again with the machine. Inspirational Sheila

Angie H said...

I think handstitching on this surface adds something, the only reason i don't is because i'm so slow and get frustrated with myself. i'm working on a project for a German magazine along similar lines at the moment, i'll blog it when i'm finished

Edith said...

This is beautiful! The colours, the textures, the movement...the entire design is amazing!
Edith, in Ireland. [beginner online C+G student]

Catherine Chapple said...

this is my favourite of all your pieces, it's even more stunning in real life. I never get tired of looking at it.