Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cold Noses and Toes's...........

i'm sitting here wearing several jumpers and pairs of socks with a hot water bottle on me lap trying to do my accounts. i'm bloody freezing! i think it'll 6 o'clock tonight before my studio warms up enough to take the first jumper off. doing my accounts throws up several issues

a) my accountant has retired after many years of dealing with my eccentricities and random book keeping techniques, should i attempt to do my own tax returns or tame up a new accountant?

b) i have to have them totally up to date and clear as i'm attempting to raise a mortgage for my studio, (it's rented at the moment) and despite all the tv fame and glory i still live a hand to mouth existence. how the hell am i going to convince anyone to give me a mortgage after they look at my accounts......... i'm quietly panicking!!!

anyway, i'm raising funds as best i can and managed to sell a sewing machine at the weekend. i have another for sale. it's a bernina aurora used only a couple of times 2 years old. it feel off the workbench onto me so it has a little damage but it's still in perfect working order.

it has a BSR stitch regulator and a walking foot and lots of other gadgets. i'm would like £600 for it.


Wild Somerset Child said...

Angie, I hope you get the dratted accounts done, and sell your sewing machine. I'd have gone for the one you mentioned - if I hadn't spent my available funds on a lens for my husband so he could continue to take the photos I need for articles. Good to see you are teaching at Oxford Summer School; your course sounds fascinating.

Anne B said...

Freezing! Enjoyed seeing you on the telly last week. Where was all your hair? Expected it to spring forth at any moment! It's been a great series but 30 mins per programme is just too darn short. I see from their website that there may be a second series. My sister and I met you at Forge Mill at your Klimt workshop - except I ended up doing a Hundertwasser as I was not quick enough out of the starting blocks to get a Klimt book! Have a lovely Xmas.

Angie H said...

thanks Anne, my hair is still here and getting wilder. I haven't watched the whole series, i get a bit bored sitting around for too long no matter how interesting things are. Happy Christmas x