Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas open studio......................

Next Friday and Saturday I’ve got an open studio for Christmas lots of bits and bobs for sale including a mini rag market and I’m selling a couple of bernina aurora sewing machines if you’re after one. We have a button making machine for sale and quite a few other textile and embroidery related items going too.

Fri 11th & Sat 12th Dec
Christmas Studio Sale at Artplace Studio. Angie and friends work on sale lovely Christmas gifts
Open 10am—5pm two days only!!! If you read this before next week and you're in the area please pop in for a coffee and a mince pie.

i've mentioned in previous posts that i'm teaching Textile Book Club at Malvern Hills College. I'm trying to finish off for the end of term so i'm making a box for my 'House Book'. The poster above is the front door collaged and below are a couple of pics of the construction, next post will be the finished item.

contructed with white foamboard, very easy to cut and very light. I covered the whole thing with crumply tissue paper. i intend to paint with acrylics, emboss and use paper clay attachments.

Talking of paperclay, no..i'm not making interesting biscuits i'm making christmas tree decorations and christmas cards for me show. i'm really having fun with this, i've been impressing into the clay with all me snowflake rubber stamps ooh it's really great noodling around.

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Melanie Rimmer said...

The look lovely. So festive.