Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to work.........

decided to get on with some work, got bored with meself. i've been ill all over Christmas, moving from bed to sofa is all the exercise i've had over the last week. my first workshop in the new year is 'Inspired by Hundertwasser' next tuesday. it's a variation on the Klimt workshop but i don't have many good samples. I started by looking through my books and picking out some interesting images.

My best mate and fellow artist Jeanette McCulloch and i were having a christmas drinkie in the local pub and she showed me her latest sketchbook (from a holiday in Hawaii) in it she used only biro and i was really impressed with the quality of the lines and shading. i also remembered Tom Phillips used biro amongst other things in his famous altered book 'a Humament' which was my first sight of this kind of art and a big inspiration to me when i was studying. here's one of his pages below.

Anyway this is one of my Hunderwasser observations using biro, i haven't done any kind of drawing for an age so it took a while to get going so the second one here is a bit better as i'd got into the swing of things (i make the excuse that i was doing these drawings with a bunged up nose in a delirium of germs)

observing Hunderwasser's patterns and drawing them out sets the essence of HW in my mind and i chose the small section below to follow on with.

using bondaweb i plotted the design onto black cotton velvet.

Then blended transfoil adding a bit of fuse fx for a contrast.

i'm gonna frame this one so i checked the design against the mount.
i've finished the first stage with a bit of sweetie foil and black cotton fabric for the tree trunks.

watch this space i shall try to finish this off tomorrow.


Gina said...

Love the way this is working out Angie. Sorry to hear you've been poorly over Christmas... hope you're better now.

Penny said...

I like this idea.
I have signed up for your class in Geelong as there is a ballot I may not get in, but I hope so.
Hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than a stuffed up nose.

Angie H said...

i'm better this morning but still freezing. i just checked BBC weather here in Ledbury we're due heavy snow and top temps of 1 degree and bognor regis about 150 miles away gets 11 degrees today. madness!

Wild Somerset Child said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, Angie, but your pieces of artwork are just lovely. Hope you improve soon.