Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I took a day out recently with my mate Caroline to my favourite place in all the world (or UK at least haven't been everywhere you know) the Knapp and Papermill Nature Reserve in Alfrick Worcestershire. Wood anenomies were prolific butterflies flitting everywhere it was glorious. We sat upon a tussock to pollute the air with a couple of old rollups when i heard a lovely sound in the trees

says i 'i wonder what that was'

says she ' i fink it was a bird'

we need to get out more!!
Caroline 'tree-hugger' owen-thomas


Wild Somerset Child said...

Hi Angie - lovely to read your post again. I have just put a link to your website on my blog (today's posting) - I am enthralled by your interlining technique - we met at the NEC when you exhibited and also in Bloxham at an Emb Guild workshop. I love your book.

Wild Somerset Child said...

Lovely photo of your walk in the woods. I must search out this place.

carolineo said...

Great Blog. Spot on! Do it again soon. I'm thinking Garway and the Knight's Templar Church. Bound to be some good trees! Caro