Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More bloody snow.........

I was hiding in my garret all day yesterday and decided to pop down the pub for a pint. Not bothering to open the curtains imagine my surprise to find 2 inches of sludgy snow which stuck to me as soon as i got outside. It's very pretty and all that but i'm getting fed up of trying to second guess whats going to happen next. i've cancelled 3 workshop sessions because of it and now i'm down to me last fiver.

Anyway if found these two dodgy looking abomnable snowmen in the pub

'dangerous' dave thomas who has vivid dreams after eating cheese.

and marcus 'are you looking at my pint' morris. i don't know what he's got in his hand but he doesn't look pleased to see me.

i also found on my phone photos this pic of Jem my sisters spaniel... isn't she cute
today i'm mostly answering emails 99 of 'em.....


hippopip said...

Great brooches not so sure about the Ledbury "talent"

Angie H said...

it's the best we got!