Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm trying to write a new programme for the spring but had to catch up with all the cancelled classes due to snow. i've been so confused because i had 6 day workshop in a row all over the place trying to remember to put all the right things in the car for the day. i drove the wrong direction on the M5 forgetting where i was going, another day i had in my mind Solihull when i was really going to Sutton Coldfield,,,, utter confusion!!

Anyway i'm back on solid ground again thank goodness.

try a little Dan Auerbach Trouble Weighs a Ton i feel a bit like that sometimes


Wild Somerset Child said...

The snow has had so much to answer for - but the quiet and loss of speeding traffic in this Cotswold village was bliss. Still loving your book, Angie

Shelly said...

Hi Angie -
Just got a copy of your book and wanted to say what a great job - the photos and explanations are just fantastic !!! Really well done . . . takes out the intimidation factor for us neophytes.
Your work is just stunning, truly one of a kind. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and a double thanks for the illustrative photos of the fabric types. Some things have different names in the U.S. and now it is no longer a mystery what is exactly "scrim".
Hope things thaw out for you there soon.