Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fieldfares and other random stuff........

Having an unexpected day free due to the snowy conditions (i was supposed to teaching exploring velvet in Solihull today) i visited my sister and spotted this little chap in the garden. photo from Wikapedia.

He certainly seemed to be the king of the garden fighting off any stray blackbird or finch who came along. My little nephew Fin got all Bill Oddie with binoculars. Left him and his little chums doing something dangerous with snow.

yesterday i took my mum and dad to visit my Uncle Rob who had just come out of major surgery at Wolverhampton Hospital. He was amazingly perky considering surgeons had been rummaging around in his chest for hours the day before. this trip meant that i had to spend a period of time in the car with my mum and dad. it's a bit like being with two spaniels one excited and the other grumpy. to memorise the route home dad read out all signs and adverts in a black country accent (just in case they had to ask for directions) people ask me where i get some of my eccentricity from......

today i am mostly making brooches that look like houses.

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Ro Bruhn said...

Love your brooches, they are fabulous. Could you please send us some of your snow, I'll send you some of our heat.