Sunday, June 01, 2008

Went for a walk in my favourite nature reserve The Knapp and Papermill at Alfrick Pound, Worcestershire. Though there were quite a few cars outside when i arrived i enjoyed a solitary walk. I've been absorbed by a project called what lies beneath all about things under ground, so i've been in a dark and moody place for quite a few weeks but to come into this wholly captivating greeness was quite a moving experience. I encountered pools with newts, meadows full of buttercups and clover, baby blackbirds, a canopy of green leaves accompanied by the music of a tinkling stream, quite enchanting.

What Lies Beneath is a study of buried treasure, i've been interested in things buried beneath our feet that will never be discovered. It's part of an exhibition 'Time present and time past' that starts at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester on 3rd June until 31st July.

This is a video by The Flight of the Conchords, i like the idea of business socks!!

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