Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shrinking Violet ???

I just got this image from the lovely Kim Thitichai, she took it while she was doing a Zap Pow workshop in my studio. Some of you may not know but i've been loosing weight lately partialy due to stress and a sort of diet (although i'm still prone to bouts of bacchanalian hedonism) . i think i've lost about 3 stone! As i don't have a full length mirror here in my garret the effect always catches me by surprise when i see myself. i don't know how long this shrinking will carry on for but i do feel quite good and move through the air more quickly!!!


Carol said...

Well done on the weightloss, you look so skinny!
I wanted to let you know that my yahoo group textiles challenges
are having a go at your bookwrap challenge this month, so hopefully we will have a few ladies brave enough to enter. See you in April at Fibrepaperarts! love carol Taylor

Things Hand Made said...

The new skinnier you will fit into your tiny place!

ArtShades said...

Hi Ange, always interesting to see what you are up to. What skinny jeans! Sarah x

Jackie said...

Isn't it a lovely feeling? Unfortunately its one I haven't had for a couple of years. I think you might just have inspired me to try to find it again!

maisiehandspun said...

wow angie!
you are looking fabulous :O)
well done on losing so much weight!
lorna xx

maisiehandspun said...

wow angie congratulations on losing all that weight!
you look fantastic :O)
lorna xo