Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday nights at the Prince of Wales in Ledbury is still swinging along despite the smoking ban. The pub seems quieter most other days but that's because everyone is out in the 'smoking shed' at the back of the pub. Last Saturday night hoping to catch up with my friends i went to the Prince and had an intimate evening with 5 different men. Every time one of them came back from the shed the other one got up and left me, addicts!! I never really noticed before that almost all of my friends are smokers. Last night Marcus counted 35 squeezed in to the shed!! It's really small there to so they must have been like sardines.

The Prince sessions have been going for around 14 years now every Wednesday night, Mark my old man has hosted almost all of them. It can get quite noisy, boisterous and chaotic but it is rarely dull and often has moments of musical beauty. I lost my 'mojo' with music for a while but more recently i have been enjoying playing my guitar and singing, i find it a great distraction from work, which i would do all the time otherwise!

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