Monday, May 07, 2007

Yesterday was my 46th birthday, i am slightly traumatised and in recovery today. I woke with particular aches and pains i'm sure i didn't have last week.

I am trying to learn a bit about gardening and liven my studio yard with colour, i have the most extraordinary Aliums growing and some really lovely Anenomes, which are my very favourites. As the spring is whipping on a pace i though i ought to get out an look at more gardens for my sketchbook, this work will ultimately end up in an exhibition Jeanette and i are putting together for the Autumn called 'Secret Places and Sacred Spaces'.
Anyway, i dragged a reluctant Mark (well he had to come, it was my birthday!!) to Abbey Dore Court Gardens
which was really lovely. Mark actually took more pictures than i did. This is a picture of some triffids i though were quite interesting. More photos here.
We also popped in to Dore Abbey, which is fantastic if youre interested in early monastries, wall paintings, stone carvings and all that kind of thing. While your at it call in to Kilpeck Church
We had to stop because 'David Bailey's' wanted to do a bit more photography, he took several shots of his favourite carving the Whore of Kilpeck or Sheela na Gig (i guess i had to pay for making him look at tulips all morning). It really is quite an extraordinary little Norman church a fabulous location to take a sketchbook and sit for a couple of hours.

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