Monday, May 21, 2007

I had a lovely time in Macclesfield last week, I did a talk to Chelford and Macclesfield Embroiderers Guild, I think it was the largest group I've ever spoken to. I stayed for 2 days to teach a workshop called 'Arty Journals'. We were working in a church hall at Toft which had a great collection of hand written notices around the place. I've been meaning to make a collection of photo's of these kind of notices as I visit loads of village halls around the country and the messages vary from town to town.
Toft obviously has a lot of trouble with ants!

Anyhow.. This is a couple of pages from student Carol's arty journal, everyone did such lovely work, and the subjects were all very interesting.

On an entirely different note, I finally have my waterbutt fitted in the studio yard, you can bet your bottom there will be no more rain till October now!!

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